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Specialist advisory and operational services are unmatched in the industry and tailored to meet the specific needs of warehouse/industrial units, staff/labour accommodation, office space and multi-use commercial properties.

Whatever the nature of the property we are managing, and regardless of ownership, we undertake due diligence, feasibility studies and strategic planning activities to ensure that the asset’s potential is maximised across all phases of the project. Through our comprehensive and integrated services, we rapidly identify potential risks and challenges as well as opportunities to maximise your ROI.

  • Client property needs analysis
  • Risk assessments and market analysis
  • Site assessment and selection
  • Property acquisition and disposal
  • Leasing arrangements
  • Facility and property management
    • Operations (billing and collection of rents, monthly reports, utilities)
    • Process and resolve tenant and landlord problems
    • Execution and supervision of property maintenance
    • Coordination with local real estate agents
  • Provision of safety and security guards
  • Special feasibility studies for property use, development, revenue generation and investment opportunities


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