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Organisational Structure
Kooheji Contractors is organized through Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and the heads of each business unit function along with the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer / Committee. This Committee formulates strategic plans and policies to take the business forward and it monitors the implementation of the Company's strategic business plans.

Organisational Culture
Kooheji Contractors have developed an organisational culture profile as a self reporting tool which makes distinctions according to seven categories - Innovation; Stability; Respect for People; Outcome Orientation; Attention to Detail; Team Orientation and Aggressiveness.

Employees' values are measured against these profile categories to predict employee intentions to accomplish the company's mission, with adaptability, involvement and consistency on timely manner in order to fulfill the vision of the Management.

Management Capabilities
The Management team is comprised of highly talented and experienced leaders who continually provide the expertise and innovative, cost effective solutions that lead to successful project outcomes. By following the defined Project Management Process Plan, the management team meets and surpasses every need of its clients for the best quality, budget and build schedule.

The Senior Management Team adds a wealth of management knowledge and strength to each project. Senior Managers are involved from the onset to ensure that proper resources are assigned and available.

Corporate Governance
The company aspires to the highest standards of ethical conduct, maintaining the company's integrity, reporting results with accuracy and transparency; and maintaining full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern the company's business. Good governance is one of the company's key doctrines. This company is committed not only to meeting legal and regulatory governance requirements, but to having best-practice governance. The company is however aware that good corporate governance is not an end in itself, but that it facilitates the company's capacity to define and achieve its purposes.

Our vision is to become a leading national brand in design, engineering, and construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects in the region.

Building on values of the founders our mission is to safely deliver projects with the highest quality of standards and within budget to the benefit of our customers, employees and communities.

Our Values
Our core values represent how we deal with our customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees, and community. We compromise on our short term perceived monetary gains to meet our long term vision.



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