Mechanical and Steel Structure

One of Kooheji Contractors most prestigious achievements to date is the fabrication and installation of Bahrain World Trade Centre spires, in itself a massive precision engineering project. At an overall height of 57 meters and erected at a level of 183 meters, the spires that adorn the Bahrain World Trade Centre were a ground breaking first for the Construction industry in Bahrain. Precision was the key as these 150 ton structures were assembled in 5 tiers to reach an overall building height of 250 meters the first time in the Kingdom

KC has an extensive mechanical & engineering capabilities with well established infrastructure of 12,000 square meters factory equipped with all the necessary CNC machinery to execute all types of mechanical and structural steel projects. The division has successfully completed the projects with major international technology providers for steel plants, smelters, power stations and turbines. KC Mechanical division has always a proven track record of fulfilling MNC’s requirements in terms of engineering capabilities, commitments and quality products. We have successfully completed many prestigious projects throughout Bahrain which includes, but not limited to:

» Power station turbine
» Air intake and exhaust system
» Silos
» Steel Structure for bridges and towers
» Transmission and telecommunication tower
» Smelters
» Heat Exchangers
» Pre-engineered steel buildings
» Pressure vessels and tanks
» Spires steel structure for world trade centre