Canal View

Kooheji Contractors was appointed as the main contractor for the Canal View project. Canal View, consists of a mixed-use development comprising mainly residential and retail areas, which includes a basement car park with its associated services and facilities. The project is located on Dilmunia Health Island, a reclaimed island on the coast of Muharraq in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The development consists of a podium with an 

approximate footprint of 11,500sqm up to a level of approximately +7m, in addition to 4 residential blocks, extending up to a level of + 35m. Each apartment has high-end quality finishes and joinery including the Reception Counters, Decorative Dividers, Fixed and Loose Furniture, Wardrobes, Doors and Fully Equipped Kitchens.


Million BHD

3 Yrs


11.5 K

sqm Footprint

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