Kooheji Contractors. Our core Values, Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a leading national brand in design, engineering, and construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects in the region.


Building on values of the founders our mission is to safely deliver projects with the highest quality of standards and within budget to the benefit of our customers, employees and communities.


Our core values represent how we deal with our customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees, and community. We compromise on our short term perceived monetary gains to meet our long term vision.

Director’s Message

Mr. Abdulghaffar Kooheji

Ethics is an integral part of the Kooheji culture. With years of customer integrity under its belt, Kooheji Contractors has earned a well-respected reputation. Our predecessors dedicated their time towards building the company as the most professionally-run organisation in its industry. Through shared vision and solid teamwork, Kooheji Contractors has created an exceptional place to work and more importantly a solid foundation as a company that can be trusted by all stakeholders. Today, we are proud and delighted to appreciate that we have truly accomplished this together, as a team and at every level, by always conducting our business honestly and ethically.

Our founding fathers’ were hardworking, resourceful entrepreneurs who measured their own character and conduct by how well they applied the simple belief, “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.”  The fact that this credo is found in virtually every major culture around the world shows the universal acceptance of this philosophy. Today, this ‘Golden Rule’ remains the cornerstone of Kooheji’s Core Values as we continually strive to integrate its practices with our goal of rewarding careers, building individual character, and growing a respective and profitable business. We continue a long working philosophy of respecting our employees, considering them as the most valuable asset of the organization while respecting our commitments with our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Abdulgaffar Kooheji

Managing Director

Mohammed Kooheji

Chief Operating Officer – COO

Abdulraheem Kooheji

Chief Contracting Officer – CCO

Our History

Established in 1973, Kooheji Contractors has over 45 years of experience as a leader in providing construction, civil engineering and design services to customers in Bahrain and throughout the MENA region. We give each project a commitment of customer satisfaction, quality and outstanding performance. Our construction experience expands across a variety of industries from urban development to commercial and industrial projects. Our projects are located in every area of the country, we contribute to growing quality of community life in affordable housing projects, seaside communities, luxury high-rise living and more.

Kooheji’s attention to detailed and methodical planning translates into ‘no surprises’ and our familiarity with the unique requirements of the MENA region, gained through many years of successful construction project experience, allows us to deliver consistent, high quality services and outstanding projects to our customers.

Our management is of the firm belief that addressing the Quality, Health & Safety, and Environment issues is the best way to be competitive and successful in the construction industry. To realise this goal and to provide the necessary confidence to our customers, we were the first construction company in Bahrain to have implemented the Integrated Management System (IMS) which is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 45001: 2018 standards.

Kooheji Contractors maintains an essential and effective balance of interests of the owners, the customer, employees, suppliers, subcontractors and the community in general. The management endeavors to provide operations which are customer focused, understanding current and anticipating future customer needs.

Kooheji Contractors offers a managed system of interlinked processes and decisions taken with factual analysis of data and information mutually benefitting relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and financial institutions, aimed at continuous improvement.

As employee owners, our people are dedicated and we have high expectations based on the company’s past success, and bring a sense of timeliness to every project.

Our skilled employees combine expertise with sustainable development in order to successfully deliver projects to customers. The Group’s ability to transfer knowledge between different geographic markets also contributes to its strength and success.

The Kooheji brand is synonymous with integrity, trust and fairness for more than 45 years of working in Bahrain and across the GCC and North Africa. A driving element of the brand is our Values and Code of Conduct, which includes policies on employee relations, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

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